She wasn’t completely able to keep her promise as her peripheral vision caught just a hint of Arizona sitting in the shower stall amid the heavy steam of her all-too-hot shower, a wet t-shirt still covering her. And, sadly, she wasn’t ready or able to rely on her wife to help out. I’ve decided I’m going to use this story to say what I want to say about that, since really they are dealing with most of the same issues here minus the obvious cheating. Yes, your leg might still be here today if we’d figured out it was a PE and not sepsis, but you’re much better off today without it than you’d be with it. And what about Bran? And it really gets to the heart of many of their issues both here and on the show. She took a deep breath and went to Arizona’s dresser, pulling out a fresh change of clothes and some underwear.

greys anatomy 09x03

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Callie pinched at her nose and felt a horrible sting of bile in her throat. Not after the evening that she’d already had, that they’d already had.

greys anatomy 09x03

Just In All Stories: And they will get to the light, I promise. The last day had been a new form of hell, and Arizona was sadly an expert in that now. When I started this story it was right after 9×03 feels like a lifetime anatkmy and just shows I’m an incredibly slow writer and there were some hints that I felt could mean Callie made the wrong decision so I decided to run with it and came up with another plausible reason for Arizona almost dying it’s gregs stretch, but it’s plausible.

One of us will call you back in a few minutes or so, okay? TV Shows Grey’s Anatomy.


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freys Then I asked about friends or other adults and he said he knew Arizona. Her humiliation about what her life had become was about to be complete.

She grabbed the basket with the soiled linens and went out into the living room so she could start a load, but stopped short when the phone rang. She shook her head vehemently. It took what felt like hours, but eventually she fell asleep and was able to dream of her Arizona.

greys anatomy 09x03

As Arizona fights to find herself again in the wake of her amputation, can she find a place for Callie in her new world or will her new reality pull her away from the love of her anatmy and into a pit of darkness that she can’t escape? She must have heard her, because Arizona turned around suddenly, her eyes apprehensive. She collapsed onto the couch, not even taking the time to change into pajamas, and sighed heavily as she stared up at the ceiling.

Grey’s Anatomy – TV Episodes

That grief had to come last. I’m pretty sure you even know that.

She then ran back out into the living room and across into Sofia’s room, but again Arizona was nowhere to be found. She just stood there for a second and stared at her back, afraid to move, 0x03 moving meant getting ready to leave for the day, and now she was terrified that Arizona wouldn’t be there when she got back.

Greys Anatomy – 09×03 [En] |

She stood in the doorway, staring at Arizona’s back, and sighed. Things should be heading in the right direction by now but they aren’t. She had known it all along, really, but that hadn’t meant she had wanted to give in to that reality. It would take time and a lot of work, but she just knew deep down that it would happen sooner or later.


She then went over and knocked on the bathroom door, opening it just enough so her voice would make it through the sound of the shower. Arizona had anaomy to hurt her with that and she had succeeded, more so than perhaps anything she had said since waking up from her sedation at the hospital.

There is someone who would miss you if you were gone. Just as she sighed and turned to leave, Arizona finally spoke, her voice barely audible.

greys anatomy 09x03

It was a wonderful relief to have at least one less stressor in her life. She waited for Callie to finish removing the cuff. I figured it would help increase the dark aspects of this story and it gives Callie something extra to work through, too.

I should have known better. It wasn’t like there was ever really a time when she could forget everything that they’d gone through in the last months, especially her own failings, but today had brought it more to the fore than usual. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

That right there told Callie that Arizona was feeling awful, because she obviously didn’t think she could manage the cane right then, and Callie worried that this trip to the hospital might be ajatomy much for her. Callie had to stop and take a deep breath to keep from wanting to rush into the bathroom and vomiting, but somehow she managed. But today, unlike the last two, Arizona didn’t seem to want to respond.