Now, the first thing you will do is download the sources from Mercurial OpenBricks repository which is where bleeding-edge GeeXboX development is done. Running Ubuntu Touch on an Android phone. There are no major changes in terms of features, but the distribution is now much more stable. Benjamin Zores has announced the release of GeeXboX 2. Wayland, Xorg and Mir. Editing permissions are restricted to registered users.

geexbox 2.0.1

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Editing permissions are restricted to registered users. A list of the most common SIP Responses.

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Digital cameras, mobile phones and music players under Linux. Creating articles in the wiki is a collaborative process, at any point, if you see a feexbox you can contribute to this article.

geexbox 2.0.1

This release fixes many bugs that have been encountered by our gexbox on this first 2. Special pages Recent changes All categories Wiki portal. Consult the User’s Guide for information on using the wiki software.

geexbox 2.0.1

If you want to contribute to GeeXboX please subscribe to the development list devel geexboox geexbox. But the GeeXboX philosophy remains the same and we still aim at targeting the most PCs and devices as possible, in as lightweight as possible a way. It is possible trunk can suffer temporary periods of instability while new features are developed and if this is undesirable we recommend using one of .20.1 release branches.


New features that have been added or enabled by default: GeeXboX is a free and open-source media centre oriented Linux distribution for embedded devices and desktop computers. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Why Debian for 3CX? Please, use the discussion tab for user comments. Personal tools Log in Log in. Save with SIP Trunks. GeeXboX is currently being developed under the OpenBricks project, an enterprise-grade embedded Linux framework that provides easy creation of custom distributions for industrial embedded devices.

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GeeXboX and OpenBricks use Mercurial as a revision control system, so you will install the mercurial package for your host system. They have a great collection of resources geexbo an incredibly large variety of topics, including formulas and functionschartsthe Analysis ToolPak and easy to follow examples. Wayland, Xorg and Mir. In addition to our usual x86 ISOs, this release is also available for several embedded platforms, with working full HD video and graphics acceleration for most of them.


The GeeXboX project is a non-commercial organization founded in Over the years and especially last monthsa lot of efforts have been made to work on the upcoming 2. Source based Linux distributions.

Destination Linux MP3. We are now doing much more things than we used to do with 1. And the results are pretty good, with a 1. This page has been accessed 3, times. Contact, corrections and suggestions: The first alpha version of GeeXboX 2.

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The second alpha build of GeeXboX 2. Register in the main IGEP site and you will have single sign-on. Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter