Not a big deal. Friday Oct 18th When: So I’m a member now or I want to look before I apply. Here’s the general steps I follow:. QCraft was added in one of the later versions I think either 1. If I don’t already have those blocks placed in the world or in my inventory, will it still throw those errors? Sign In Register now!

ftb unleashed 1.1.6 server

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If that doesn’t do it, you’re probably best off opening a support ticket through their control panel, since they offer support for this modpack, and they know their systems better than anybody here. QCraft was added in one of the later versions I think either 1. Several functions may not work. As we’d never done anything to it beyond installing it, i. Will someone please be so kind as to let me know where I went wrong?

Where to download FTB Unleashed 1.1.6 server

The server runs on highpower hardware and aims for minimal lag. Back up the world folder outside of the minecraft folder.


I copied the world files from my server into a singleplayer game, and tried to load it with a set of 1. Community Forum Software by IP.

Updating FTB Unleashed

Here’s the part where things seem to’ve gone south. Wiki Forums Members Chat.

To summarize the issue: There shouldn’t be any issues with your worlds when updating, IIRC there was some internal block renaming, which makes FML think that blocks 11.1.6 missing. Just think of it as building standards. Other than that, I don’t think there are any World Generation changes.

ftb unleashed 1.1.6 server

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It’s just caused by new chunks generating differently from old ones. FTB Tech World 2. I know some of these questions are kind of unanswerable without the exact errors that were produced, but I’m at work right now and don’t have access to the servee files to go trigger the errors.

Apologies for the inconvenience. It has a role playing atmosphere without taking it’s self too seriously.

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Friday Oct 18th When: I’m getting somewhat desperate, new errors seem to be cropping up in this server every week. I shut down the server, backed it up around seventeen times because Creeperhost was being twitchy, and copied the world folder over to my own system. I followed the steps laid out in the post immediately above this, only to be unable to access the server due to mod version incompatibilities, and in my attempts to fix it I was eventually forced to restore from a back-up.


So anyway, call me a newb if you must, but I downloaded the server files from feed-the-beast. That makes the server a little different from what you may be used to. Not a big deal.

ftb unleashed 1.1.6 server

Web site is up. It will not affect terrain gen.

Reply to this topic. What kind of server is it? You wont find a lot of pixel art or single block glass towers.

ftb unleashed 1.1.6 server

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