I don’t know what’s causing that bug for you just by seeing the losing screen. These triggers are more or less the same since 2. Kodo tag is still original and sometimes fun to play. Anyway, simply PM me, if you want an unprotected version. They should make AI Kodo-Tag. Mar 20, Updated: Updated Resource Submission Rules:

frozen throne kodo tag

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frozen throne kodo tag

XarwinMar 24, If you have some good ideas, I will have no problem giving it to you. I guessed it’s not a big deal to remove protection, so it is actually meant as a hint rather than a obstacle.

frozen throne kodo tag

I like play it in single-player. Contestants are to create a scene set in the Stone Age. Your name or email address: PanikOct 30, If anyone asks i frozeb no probleme giving him an unprotected version, as long he has some good reasons for needing it.


frozen throne kodo tag

I’ve never experienced such a bug and I also looked into the map and didn’t find a problem with the triggers, too. PeteriJul 6, Sep 8, Messages: There’s the loose bug alright Well, a screenshot isn’t much of help here.

Kodo Tag: X-Treme 6.2

AestheticsOct 30, PanikJul 10, Do you already have an account? Iodo 16, Messages: Check out the Staff job openings thread.

If you don’t know how to play Kodotag you’ve missed something: PanikJul 5, Travel to distant realms and encounter scenes unknown to the common folk. AI-Controlled Kodos will spawn on the map, chasing your runner.

Kodo Tag: X-Treme – Warcraft 3 Maps – Epic

Gets stonger with increasing difficulty. For advanced techs you will need scorepoints which can only gained by killing Kodos but are then given to each player.

Approved Changes have been made, approved. Vote for the best icon set at the Icon Contest 18 Poll!

Peteri dont double post please ModeratorMar 20, PeteriJul 4, Only the classical terrain is available – 3 new Kodo-Types – 2 new Runners – Changed and added some items – Small fixes, tweaks and kkodo Extra: PeteriJul 5, Mar 20, Updated: Updated Resource Submission Rules: Are you planning to upload tagg awesome map to Hive? Try to collect gold from goldmines to build workers, towers, better walls and to research new techs. If you cannot login, read this.