Dirty Dubsters feat Bass Nacho. Buck Lee , Euphonique. Torch igniting the world through music and community outreach. EVM 07 Apr RR 27 27 Sep JC 06 Sep

frassman dat nuh hard mp3

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IMR 30 Aug BORN 08 Oct CMR 28 Jun MFTP 17 Aug From the ‘heads down’ drum magic of the previously rare dubplate version of “Alaska Ride” to the instantly distinctive hook of The Revolutionaries-sampling “Kunta Kinte” via the Buju Banton-fronted siren session “Stamina”, this album is a reminder of just how much Frassmzn West contributed to jungle’s development.

Photo Previous Pause Next. Weh Dem Up To: Macka Diamond puts spotlight on fdassman love life. Anew single is released digitally, and distributed to key radio stations stateside and in the Caribbean. Options Items per page.

Frassman Brilliant and Gyptian team up to create ‘Magic’ | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

CRIT 27 Oct DSMM 20 Sep It’s been a while since Irish party slappers Dirty Dubster delivered a ragga package but here we find them making up for lost time with four rock steady heaters. The label decided that I should do a commercial-type song on it. Nothing short of essential.


HS 25 May One of the UK’s most distinctive toasters, Bristol’s Blackout Ja and his grit-throat tones instantly and consistently warm or mash ddat the dance. RR 23 28 Feb Futuristic reggae champions Liondub International make a fabulous return here as they bring together three highly rated newschool toasters for some fresh heat over the ‘Sticky Riddim’.

frassman dat nuh hard mp3

Magicis his first high-profile collaboration. Versions galore, we kick off with the digidub dancehall swagger of the original before a crack squad of players all sign up to the bang gang Deep in the Jungle know how to do jungle.

frassman dat nuh hard mp3

The song is due for release today, via NS Music Enterprise. JS 11 Nov We kick off the project with the smooth marching drum rolls and potent sub textures of ‘Never Let It Go’ before ‘Moyo Wa Crassman takes a more dubstep approach with distorted synthesizers running the show.

We kick off with Sotto Bless’s moody vocal stylings and and almost chanted lyricism on his cut entitled ‘Sticky’.

Go Down And Wine Frassman: слушать и скачать mp3

Eleven slabs of pure, authentic roots, Rebel MC’s foundational agenda-setters penned under various names such as Blackstar, Rebel MC and Congo Natty have been tethered and tied up to form this on-point history lesson in breakbeat and jungle culture. I-Octane collabs with Tia on new single. SCOB 29 Apr Buck LeeEuphonique. NUP 01 Jun We decided to get Gyptian on the song, and the rest was history, I mean ‘magic’,” Frassman said.


Could this be loved?

Excellent work from start to finish! This new project sees him team up with a number of vocalists to create some super energetic fire. Finally, we strip back the extreme rhythmic movements slightly and add a more eerie design to the mix with ‘Sphinx’ arriving to top of another fantastic release for everyone involved. Navi and Junior Dangerous on the same jam?