February 12, at 4: I need to run Locksmith from DaRT on the desktop. There is also some good info about ERD Commander So thank you so much for your support, my reader. Note the FIRST things you see after power up, I’ll betcha they repeat, I’d also bet that after choosing safe mode, you see a bunch of stuff scroll across the screen, last letters on the far right are “mup.

erd commander windows xp sp3

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How to Create a ERD Commander 2009 R2 Recovery Disk

So whatever you dump on your ERD Commander Boot disk make sure the computer you are wanting to triage has adequate memory to support the size of your boot disk. One “tiny” share from you would seriously help a lot with the growth of this blog.

erd commander windows xp sp3

I can’t be certain that the Dindows install is “legit” because the woman’s son who buggered this computer is being very vague as to what started the problem The Boot Media Wizard fails with the message “The Windows DVD that you are using should have the matching processor architecture with your operating system”. My password is VERY unique and it loads completely normal for me as it has done since I created the account. When you boot into a Windows 7 ERD boot disk you will get 36 different languages to choose from including Russian.


Dart is built into Windows 8.

How to Create a ERD Commander R2 Recovery Disk – Just Blog’n

If you can’t find it at microsoft, you can find a 30 day trial version elsewhere but you may have to extend the evaluation period to get it to work. If your is retail then I suggest don’t do it unless you are willing to give here your disc and license.

Here is another way to reset or change the lost administrator password in your Windows XP installation. Need help with strange performance I am having difficulty in tracking your exact issue?

I kept the default which is everything. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. All times are GMT The fact is that you want to regain access to your computer without formatting or re-installing the operating system.

If there’s only 1 drive it should be at the end of the cable. VideoPad Video Editor 7. Movie Maker help, please. I’m not even certain that Windows on that drive isn’t completely boogered.


Trust me I know. Check this out; no need to go through the building process, I have made one for you that is err easy to use. October 10, at 9: It may take several minutes for this error to appear.


Tried booting several times. Sorry I know that was probably not the answer you were looking for. There is a process to download a program and create a bootalbe disk. She says her son “updated a virus program” on the computer when the problems began.

erd commander windows xp sp3

Any suggestions from you smart people before I transfer the drive and probably waste more time? Considering the source, I would delete all partitions, create one, erdd format with a Dell windows CD.

It boots but the language is not english. You might be missing some bits. October 19, at 7: I changed the password to 1, and in the Windows login window, I enter this password for administrator tried upper and lower case ‘a’ Winternals that could be similar on the OS X. Or is there an alternative that works with Windows 8? If that does not work then try and load a vm with your.

erd commander windows xp sp3