Preview window added to the configuration file chooser dialog; Restoring configuration from a file is made more lenient towards data format errors. When pressed it brings up a dialog with the list of orphaned and faulty devices. Adding the offset can be disabled on the settings pane. Changes 26 July to the version 1. This method returns the daytime saving mode of device specified by the RF address of the cube and the RF address of the device. Otherwise it contains a comma-separated list of MQTT topic patterns. When the list is empty any topic can be published.

elv max software 1.3.10

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TypeError is when no device was found or it has no link state. Changes 5 February to the version 1. The following example sets all thermostats to hold the eco temperature for one day:.

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Changes 18 December to the version 1. When a room is deleted all devices in the room are deleted as well. The module is loaded as shown in the following example:.

The thermostat schedule in the format described above. Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. Graph pane bug fixed. This example illustrates using scripting in connection with MQTT messaging to control a boiler.


This method disconnects from the cube specified by the parameter cube which is the RF address of the cube. In my opinion this should be handled in the callback function of the plugin where the command is sent. Otherwise it is published as off. A cube is a gateway to a network of radiator thermostats, shutter contacts etc.

When the cube leaves pairing mode, discovered devices can be either added or discarded. Saving and restoring wall thermostat settings added. For forcing measured temperature reports from the thermostat using see scanning temperatures below.

TypeError occurs when no device was found. Controlling a boiler using a MAX! The value of the parameter temperature is used as-is for the mode to set.

elv max software 1.3.10

Changes 26 December to the version 2. The trace pane indicated the exchange with the cube and other network parties e. Then bring the device being deleted into the pairing mode:. The device data can be stored osftware a database, for example in order to accumulate long-term statistics.

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Changes 14 May to the version 2. The match is shown in the column get from. For example the following code lists the measured temperature:. To start pairing select a cube in the list and press the button:. The following example illustrates the concept by incrementing the count each time the script is called:.


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For SQLite the timestamp is a text in the format: Indeed the a callback with retries would be perfect, however if you update in every rule a heater related register with the current target temperature of the heater than you can easily compare with the setpoint of the heater.

Rooms and devices in the overview panel can be reordered. The script takes the valves statistics of the radiator thermostats of the cube.

elv max software 1.3.10

All days of the week must be sotfware. Additionally depending on the target the following scenario variables are set:. The file location depends on the OS, usually it is where other user specific files are. When a device has a link error it cannot properly respond to or control other devices.

elv max software 1.3.10