To learn about the new font support The Homebrew Channel 1. Dark Waters by drmr The default Dark Waters theme, does not contain the actual resource files. A theme for the HBC based on Linux. Similar threads with keywords: I extract the setupBtn.

darkwii red theme

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Raphael Theme by picano A somewhat Yoshi’s Island themed theme.

Dark Wii Red MOD

Use only images you created or that darjwii explicitly! Japanese-capable font that enables the Japanese language if your System Menu is configured in Japanese.

darkwii red theme

Themw threads with keywords: Credits go to Marcelofoxes for the glass grid. Please do at least some customization of the GUI images. Dark Waters by drmr The default Dark Waters theme, does not contain the actual resource files.

Sep 12, Ontario. If I use darkwli I get an error with mymenu 1. If you delete the savegame from the Wii, your theme will be lost. To install a theme, download one from below and copy the files to the “apps” folder, just like an homebrew application.


Read more about Homebrew Channel themes on HackMii: When uploading and adding your theme gheme this page please keep your descriptions short, we don’t want to hear the whole story just the basics. What am I doing wrong? Can someone help me?

Anyone have a U system menu theme? : WiiHacks

A Homebrew Channel Matrix Theme. Then I repack using u8tool and import the ash to my mym file. When you’re done, you can put the images and theme.

darkwii red theme

I extract the setupBtn. You can also send the theme. Looks like the System Menu Settings, with similar buttons and icons. You must have the Homebrew Channel 1.

Homebrew Channel/Themes

As simple as that. Crisis Core for PSP.

I make a csm. Same as title, credits go to MarcelofoxesRaixsand Selena Xiangua for some images.

For those darkdii trouble you can use this file as a template. They Do Not Die theme by Mr. Should I use other tools to edit?

DarkWii Red theme help | – The Independent Video Game Community

Technologx by Technologx A technology type theme. Other theme screenshots taken with ThemeShooter are referred to as “Themeshot’s”.


SivTheme by Sivart0 Looks like everything else siv makes. DarkWii theme Hide similar threads. The background and some of the images are not that great. I too would really appreciate it if u diddy could take another try at getting it to work properly.

darkwii red theme