Daly born Didier Daly , 17 June , Abymes , Guadeloupe is a Guadeloupean singer-songwriter, composer, actor and music producer. Music is the center of everything that happens in my life. One day, I phoned him and told him I had found the sound. I met some people I told about my project, they advised me to create an association. Since I am an open artist, my music is, as I said, eclectic, I had no problem working with Orlane. All that I was able to accomplish, until now, was possible thanks to music that chose me.

daly le dalycious

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Five years after their meeting, Barny gave him the role of Silex, one of the two main characters of his first movie. Retrieved from ” https: Next Bleu Outre Mer Festival: Daly born Didier Daly17 JuneAbymesGuadeloupe is a Guadeloupean singer-songwriter, composer, actor and music producer. Today, music has become globalized, music is exported, people travel, there many exchanges.

Daly: “Music is the center of everything that happens in my life”

I left Guadeloupe at the very beginning of my career inand then I came back home. Before, I had never belonged to valy association so I inquired to find out how to create it. When the great musician Miles Davis said in that zouk will be an important music in the future, you have to hear what he said….


How did your meeting go with dwly monument of Guadeloupean and Caribbean music? This page was last edited on 16 Januaryat I miss him as everyone misses him but he continues to live falycious his music will last forever. Why leave such a beautiful country as Guadeloupe to hide my poverty somewhere else?

She asked to my sidekick of that time — Staniski — and me to write a song for her and me. It is eclectic but with a hip-hop fundation.

daly le dalycious

I am just an artist. Work is like a puzzle with various pieces to create a painting.

D. Daly – Wikipedia

It is we, in Guadeloup, who do not recognize our value. You just have to believe in yourself to realize your projects, your dreams.

daly le dalycious

But, I am an eclectic artist, I am open to all musical influences. This music was created in Jamaica, a Caribbean island that constantly innovates in music…. Certainly, I would like to be again in the movies but if it is possible, it will be through my personal projects; we have on-going projects.

I first corrected the texts of my friends who already sang then, I began to sing.

Of course, that does not prevent failures, young people who decide to stop a training course or to leave a job due to personal reasons. At that moment the band broke dalyciou, so he decided to make his first solo album.


I am in contact with the temporary work agencies and companies. Why did you accept this collaboration? What do you think of this cinema experience? Many major international stars played dance hall like Rihanna, for example or other musical rhythms but they do not say it….

After several shows in Guadeloupe, he went to France in At first, I wanted to become a disc jockey DJ but I had to give up this dream because the turntables and vinyl albums were too expensive. My next album will be released at the end of this year.

What exactly is your mission? Unlike many of our artists, you did not leave your island to move permanently to France in order to have a career.

Because we have the same dynamic of sharing, this collaboration was also natural.

daly le dalycious

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