There’s the Vakula project to finish, new tracks from Fudge Fingas, Linkwood, House Of Traps, Denaji and some more remix inches coming plus this summer should see a retrospective CD with both limited hand-packaged and general formats. How did it go? Steve Hitchell Intrusion and one half of Echospace has remixed our track “Miles Away” from the first EP and this guy knows exactly how to lay down a “reduction”—the very essence of a dub track. But, as you might understand, recently I have concentrated more on my own music and remixes since I’ve set up my studio and way of working for at the moment. At the time I used to listen to all the real British and American rap stuff, but this music was blowing me away, because it was hard and without any compromises. Later, we played together at Tresor club for the Dynamic Tension nights, where we were the only DJs all night—a perfect match. I’m very much looking forward to set foot in Europe again this year.

culoe de song ambush mp3

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Do you prefer one over the other? And, after releasing the album, we plan to present related remixes of these tracks by some producers we like. Hi Everyone, Summer warm up mix is here taking you on a total Afro house journey with the cukoe quarter very ancetral hi life ,Ethnic Afro house then kicking in the middle more stomping and energetic SA electronic and techno sounds followed by touches of deep and deeper atmospheric afro vibes to finish of the ride.

Karyendsoul – Waka Original Mix. Shed – Solitude Straight Surgeon and I have been friends since If House Of God were a person, it would be a petulant teenager! Problem Child – Kwenzenjani Main.


This is my baptism of fire as I’ve screen printed before but never on this scale and it’s been one of those projects where everything is bespoke from the vinyl to ee

It’s all the same in music, in life, in love and it’s not as “head” as it might seem now. It’s good to get to know different ways of doing things, of various cultures and it’s sonv and dodgy to just stick to the same, especially when it’s just ego. Our distributors and legendary record store Rubadub is also in Glasgow so were proud to be an all Scottish-based set-up!

culoe de song ambush mp3

I’ve played like that for about 5-and-a-half years now, adjusting and changing the setup to keep it fresh. If you’ve been following the activities of Frankfurt’s much celebrated Playhouse label during the m;3 decade and a half, then you’ll almost certainly have come across the work of Peter Kremeier, AKA Losoul.

culoe de song ambush mp3

In amongst all this there should be room for some DJing! Treat your ears to something different. Can you clear that up at all? Candy Man – Please Call. I did it live with the DJRit was an adventure! With my choice of tracks, though, I neither tried to be too fashionable nor to deliver a high-tech construction: I’m using two turntables and a DJ mixer with kill switches and an external digital delay. Candy Man – Indlovu I really found it interesting to combine the ideas of visual appearance and aspects of communication with sound.

Lately, for example, I play house classics one night, industrial related techno and IDM another night and things between classic minimal techno and dubstep with a broken hard techno feel at Berghain.


Can you explain a little bit about the title of your forthcoming album?

Culoe De Song Far Away Free mp3 download –

Moore’s solo productions as Linkwood have also found their way onto kindred spirit Trus’me’s Prime Numbers imprint, and they’ve also collaborated together as M For, which is an outlet for their more ve productions.

Vaal Deep’s Dark Mix. This journey is more on the electronic Afro direction with touches of Progressive and techno sounds for you all to take in with plenty of energy and aggressive vibes. Argento Dust – Nord Pole S. Candy Man mo3 Progenitor.

Culoe De Song Shaka Zulu

My last music production was a remix for Scuba on Hotflush Recordings. But it was the mesmeric groove of “Open Door,” his first single for Playhouse, that quickly made him a respected name on the international scene, a position cemented by the raft of reliably funky twelves that followed it.

September 26, Vaal Deep – Soba 3. DJing is about presenting what others did and combine it your way, while a live set is more about doing your very own stuff and playing it individually on that particular night.