This property sets the behavior for establishing replication aware connections when no slave hosts available. Enjoy the new features we offer you and let us know what you think about them. Repo copy from mysql-jdbc-mm to reflect the change of project name due to it now being an official MySQL product. The synchronization model in the server groups management was revised as well in order to overcome a few known thread deadlock situations. This fix makes sure the statements are properly closed in both cases. Date object containing the time value expressed in number of milliseconds from the Java epoch; also returned is the warning: This feature, along with load-balanced connections support, have received several improvements all over the latest releases.

connector/j 5.1.38

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When using MySQL as a document store you do not need to know and define all possible attributes of your data before storing and operating with it. This time we work with the Collection instance in order to fetch its data using two simple filters, exactly as what you would do using standard SQL tables.

connector/j 5.1.38

Jarrod Sayers Approved by: Clearly the easiest option is to use one of the MySQL connectors that already implement either one or both of the protocols that we offer for the programming language of your choice.


This is how you use MySQL as a document store, a schema-less, and therefore schema-flexible storage system for 55.1.38.


This property takes a boolean value:. Exiting times are coming for all of us. Default value is milliseconds. In its way of complying with 5.1.3 up-to-date security regulations and requirements, MySQL server 5.

This was very helpful. The big delta in the version numbers is apparently mostly an exercise by MySQL AB to have all their products with “matching” version numbers.

Gimby It is not a packaging mistake, it is an intentional change, see my answer.

connector/j 5.1.38

The Schema object you have got lets you manage collections and tables in the database. This patch introduces proper handlings for the equals method in all the relevant proxies.

This is so to offer you a better user experience and versatility in your projects.

This is why we are continuously working on it and we really appreciate your comments and suggestions for improving this product. We are also working on other interesting features so stay tuned. Except for the part johndoe: This new version delivers several bug fixes and upgrades.

connector/j 5.1.38

Routine update to the latest stable version. The locking options lockShared conector/j lockExclusiveavailable when retrieving data from collection. We were able to fix a few things in the meta data structures, a time zone related adjustment, a couple of null point exceptions and corrected the right type of exception, all observed in very specific situations.


Note that the default escape processing behavior in prepared statements is set by the long time available property processEscapeCodesForPrepStmts. A couple of issues caused by communication failures to the Fabric node are now fixed.

The servers listed in the new connection property serverAffinityOrder which should be a subset of the servers in the host list of the connection URL are contacted in the order they are listed until a server is available or until the list of servers is connecto/rj, at which point a random load-balancing strategy is used with the hosts not listed by serverAffinityOrder.

It is identical with the other jar package with the original package named mysql-connector-java Now compiled in Java 8 only, it comes with huge refactoring.

Connector/J 5.1

Under certain situations the exception interceptor mechanism was being triggered twice. Also remove the mapping from Java 1. Update maintainer address to matthew FreeBSD. Active 1 year, 6 months ago.

Ubuntu – Details of source package mysql-connector-java in xenial

Thank you for your answer. This is usually an error. There are no Connsctor/j Matches for this port. Follow us Blog Twitter Status page. Asked 1 year, 6 months ago.