Stealth and Bundled Nade are fantastic and single-handedly counter hard defensive strategies. Serious WW2 radio chatter and Achtung! FG42 falls can’t recloak after the first shot after getting vet 1, and kar98 falls can’t recloak after vet 2. Phew, that was a lot of work. Cheap to build and fast to deploy, rifleman are always ready to take on any job you give them. This depends on which voice you are using however. Wehrmacht – Expert Soldiers Company of Heroes.

coh ritterkreuz mod

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Cross of Iron mod for Company of Heroes – Mod DB

You have to put cou files into a specific folder. There are tons of soundboards on youtube and other locations with plenty of splendid references each person and voice in general from zombies make that would fit perfectly for most occasions. Or once in a game recruitable preferably, becouse KCH cant be replace years of gained experience.

Competitive 1v1 Tournaments List. I almost feel like they’re better with the KAR and offensive vet, because they rirterkreuz like a squadron of 4 snipers and can engage at any range.

My first exemple would be V1 used as tactical missile on the battle ground not speaking of its accuracy. Infantry Mod Company of Heroes.


coh ritterkreuz mod

We assume CoH2 by default. With all the hard work behind Rritterkreuz think I have the right to express my honest opinion. X is the current version of WoT.

coh ritterkreuz mod

I’ve killed KTs and even Flakpanzers, with just rifleman. English voices of multiple characters from the English Dub of GuP. Allmost every game with german soldiers do use the old caricature variant that I am so feed up with.

Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Copy all files inside 0. Multiple units’ voices are used to simulate multiple crew members speaking. Wargaming for World of Tanks. MatasLTU, on 06 March – No articles were found matching the criteria specified.

WH Terror Doc, Knight Cross Holder Command squad – Blitzkrieg Mod Forum

I just think you get more overall utility from a 6-man rifleman squad than you do a 3-man KC squad. Wehrmacht already get the standard officer. You can now select any of the crew voice mods that I have converted to work in the same way as WoT’s original voice files. Only link your own content if you’re ritterkreuzz participating member of the community. Berton Jul 25 Hi guys. Or maybe bring the Commandos and Airborne up to par with the Fallschirmjager. Showing 1 – 11 of 11 comments.


From my experience having a vet lt with commandos does nothing more than getting your lt killed, as the commandos are only good at ultra short range.


Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. To make the sixth sense voices be heared you also. Noskills 3 Posted Mar 05 – What’s your favourite voice mod that isn’t in here already?

I don’t care how strong it was.

Cross of Iron mod for Company of Heroes

These crew voices have a very similar feel to the vanilla WoT ones, but freshen the game up with new dialogue. Stats-wise, it’s Knight’s Cross Holders– they’re the only models with Heroic armor at vet 0 and huge health and suppression pools to let them close with their enemy and murderize them with MP44s. There’s been a long silence from us Devs around these mood.