In this game, microgames are few and far between, it’s not like the sequel where they’re abundant. Add our banners to your blog! This makes you place parts of something together in their correct spots. Multi-Language Servers Coming in a Future? You never see this in the TAS. Hold the stylus around the circle in the bottom screen to move the vehicle around a specific direction. First we will create a folder called “DS Emu” and then we will open the WinRar file that you downloaded in the previous step.

club penguin .nds rom

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club penguin .nds rom

You can choose either the stylus or the D-pad to control the mine cart. We go to the .nds link: If you’re feeling adventurous, try the advanced rom browser.

TASVideos submissions: # dekutony’s DS Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force in

This game’s HUD has a small blue border all around the edge of .nes bottom screen for some reason. U Psyfer Bomberman Land Touch!

E Supremacy Crash Boom Bang! You can change through 3 modes by clicking on the center of the circle. The door to the training room takes a while to open for whatever reason, so I have to wait.


To warp to a location, you have to click on a small circle under said location. She throws snowballs to hit targets. Either move the cursor out of camera, click on things earlier, go to exits earlier, and other such fun things. After figuring out where G has went, it’s up to you to find him Sometimes is 1 or 2 frames more if lag is present. But of course it isn’t.

club penguin .nds rom

There are various obstacles to avoid or to move left or right when there are curves on the road. The way it works is that you hold the stylus on your screen to move the cursor around any pixel of the bottom screen. Can .ndw be extracted from these.

3506 – Club Penguin – Elite Penguin Force (EU)

Sun Sep 29, 9: Fri Jan 12, 7: Maybe if you give him a letter signed by all of his friends. It features a briefcase and whatever items you obtained in your journey.

The key to Gary’s Room has broken! This leads to some strange side effects like the last frame of the puffle’s action animation being on the screen even though a different puffle is already spawned. Corruption, until Nintendo decided it was too dark and mature for their audiences, so they cut that part out and edited it. Seuss – How the Grinch Stole Christmas!


Nintendo DS Game name: Moving the cursor to the edge of the screen and holding it in that position moves the camera around. You never see this in the TAS.

Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force – Nintendo DS (NDS) rom download |

Usually you wouldn’t think of it too much casually, but this is important to point out. They’re more frequent on the final parts of the game, and are more precision based.

The DS CP games have a surprising amount ro depth for point-and-click games. It takes some time to load the microphone detector, so you’re forced to wait for a while for the puffle to spawn.

club penguin .nds rom

The water vehicle lets you go on water surfaces and needs input from the microphone to accelerate. You can move the map with the stylus or the D-pad.

Losing all 3 lives ends the game.