Originally the CiscoWorks classic nmlogd process forwarded messages logged by applications and devices to NM platforms as traps. The systemGroup see RFC provides a standard set of basic system information. Added Statistics for snapshot counter reports received from the Service Engine. The MIB is used to manage call service state for interfaces on media gateway. New MIB module for monitoring the memory pools of all physical entities on a managed system. The MIB module is for configuration of policy and policy group. For the purposes of this MIB, Domain Manager is the software functionality which executes in both the principal switch and other switches.

cisco asa 5505 mib

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This MIB is used to monitor and control configuration of interface switchport and routed mode. The main enhancements are: A subscriber session identity consists of data associated with a subscriber session serving as credentials used to determine authority, status, rights, or entitlement to.

The MIB Module supports the functions of a gatekeeper. For the purpose of this mib, a hub is a repeater group and stack is collection of one or more hubs interconnected via stack bus connectors.

Each record stores information about those connection setup.

cisco asa 5505 mib

This module defines the textual conventions used within Cisco Trusted Security framework. The MIB module for the management of packet capture feature. This interface is a switch virtual interface which does not have any physical connecto. Port binding and Fabric binding. This is the MIB module for objects used to manage interface queuing in Cisco devices. A target can be any logical interface to which a class-based policy is able to be associated.


Voice applications include call agents and other voice application products.

The MIB module to describe the status of the Environmental Monitor on those devices which support one. Cable diagnostic tests are tests intended to exercise the functional integrity of the cable attached to a physical interface. This module defines the object identifiers that are assigned to various hardware platforms, and hence are returned as values for sysObjectID.

This MIB module provides information about the status of display devices such as Light Emitting Diodes LEDs and alphanumeric displays present on the physical entities contained by the managed system.

cisco asa 5505 mib

Added Statistics for snapshot counter reports received from miib Service Engine. The MIB module to describe call history information for demand access and possibly other kinds of interfaces. Please refer to http: It also introduces a table that allows configuration of dynamic learning of the physical topol.

This MIB provides the configuration of System Information Logging feature, which allows a certain number of commands to be executed periodically via command line interface, and stores the result into a file on a configured server.

IT Management & Network Monitoring

FICON is an IBM standard of transport mechanism for communication between the mainframes and devices and is a major consideration for enterprise data centers. The MIB module for downloading files to the Service Modules specifically designed for an architecture containing a controller card and a group of sub- ordinate cards or service modules as in a Switch.


This MIB module defines the managed objects for representing targets which have class-based policy mappings.

This offloads the host from the axa processing and. Fault traps notifications issued by the UCS system. The image name 3. It defines the attributes of a voice interface.

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This MIB defines a generic stream table that contains fields common to all intercept types. Each rate limit has a configurable action to be. This MIB allows management of call applications on a network device. A call application is a software module that processes calls, nib as data, voice, video, or fax calls. This MIB module defines textual conventions that are commonly used in modeling management information pertaining to configuration, imb and activity of firewalls.

The MIB module to configure voice-card specific parameters such as codec complexity in voice- enabled cisco routers.

cisco asa 5505 mib

Members of a policy group will be subjected to the same policy.