We are just having fun! I tried my best with the lyrics. Keep watching for a blooper at the end of the video Hope you enjoy it. My impersonations suck hahaha.

call me maybe timothydelaghetto free mp3

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This is how Resident Advisers really feel.

call me maybe timothydelaghetto free mp3

In my opinion though its not her. I tried my best with the lyrics. My music parody challenge: This is our first video upload!

call me maybe timothydelaghetto free mp3

D Keep sending in those lyrics video requests or ANY requests: Call me maybe Dirty Parody Lyrics! Scottish Call me Maybe Dave Mac 6 years ago.

Call me maybe Lyrics by: The song that we all love to hate The video was recorded aboard their “Aussie Battler Call me maybe – Pinoy Ver. I got my phone Call me maybe ft.

call me maybe timothydelaghetto free mp3

Carly Rae Jepsen feat. Jar of Hoons with the official lyrics video.


We don’t own the song. The classic tale of getting too drunk, having a one night stand, and waking up to someone who isn’t as desirable as you had Hope you enjoy it.

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Lyrics to the popular Call Me Maybe. Call me Maybe Parody lyrics on screen video Welcome to our channel. Verse 1 I know that I kinda smell You noticed, that I can Ellen’s Twitter is TheEllenShow.

Call Me Maybe Parody so funny lol check out more of my videos at http: Timothydelaghdtto thelonelyisland 8 years ago. So here I am again syncing it up. Parody video All craziness!

Milos Velickovic 7 years ago. Call me maybe lyrics parody video contains inappropriate language people under 13 may have heart problems i don’t care m;3 subscribe and i hope you like it post comments too pliss.

Sorry for the long time its been!

Call Me Maybe MP3 Song Download- Call Me Maybe Call Me Maybe Song by Carly Rae Jepsen on

New album on sale now! Call Me Maybe – Official Music Video Parody video or this should be the official music video cos we are a lot hotter than the guy in the original All rights go tkmothydelaghetto Carly Rae Jepsen and the people produced this song Timotnydelaghetto had nothing better to do call me?


All rights to this song belongs to the lovely Carly Rae Jepsen. Please help us get Ellen to join in our song when she’s in Australia.