SSH the theme over to your computer. Gridlock is such a kid tweak that it is actually hard to believe it is 5 bucks. Yeah and you know whats sad…. Will Surenix , its designer, abandon the style that made Ayecon a success in the name of staying with the trend? Following the Second World War, modern systems of urban and regional planning were established in Britain and most other developed countries. Yeh Hai Meri KahaniZinda. Then get iFile and navigate into the winterboard themes folder, and then find both the dock and page dots image in the theme folder of your particular theme you might have to look around and delete them.

ayecon clockify theme

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The price, for what this tneme does is a fucking rip off and I will enjoy getting it ayecob Xsellize and pirating it … Some tweaks are worth paying for but this is not, at all. Urban planning theory since pdf This book describes the history of town planning theory since the end of the.

OK, no promises though. I guess I like certain things. Thread starter snowzor Start date Jun 26, SSH the theme over to your computer.

Can someone please post the original black camera icon? Portfolio Goodies ayecon ayeris Blog About.

Gridlock Brings Desktop-Like Feel To Home Screen For iOS

This feature, just like the dock, can be independently enabled or disabled cockify WinterBoard. It may seem a little sacrilegious to promote using Ayecon without using the app icons that the theme is known for, but skeuomorphism is a very polarizing subject. Surenix has also clocify an ayecon-inspired SBSettings, Clockify, and. I want to try other things this time than just theming certain aspects, unless it was easier to find and install.


Dbase plus 8 full 11 Feb – 3 min – Uploaded by cfdfwcna singh compcontteman. Even years after its initial debut, Ayecon is still one of the gold standards of iOS theming, and a great example clockifh how to go about the process for those keen on creating themes.

Im sure its quit extensive to make. Fortunately tehme you the community does know how to theme that tweak. Maybe themed photos app, color keyboard, etc. Icon request, can someone make an iapfree icon, thanks.

Hopefully this is sufficient. The “Share media” stuff is actually a problem which has to do with WinterBoard—saurik is looking into a fix so please bare with him Version 1.

ayecon: One of the best iOS 7 theme

Stock iOS 7 on the left, Ayecon on the right. With that said, the only issue that I encountered while testing out Ayecon was a simple caching problem. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. My advice is to enjoy the other aspects of Ayecon while using the iOS 7 app icons. Invest your time in tweaks rather than theming.


ayecon clockify theme

I expierienced some problems using it 1. I pirated it too and after 5 minutes removed it since it is pretty useless.

ayecon clockify theme

Doing this should clear up any caching issues that occur when enabled or disabling certain features of the theme. WinterBoard, being just recently updated to work with iOS 7 and the arm64 devices like the iPhone 5s, still has its fair share of bugs and fixes in store.


This is because Ayecon applies an auto app mask to every single app icon on your screen. Folders get visible on respring. Try reading this to start off. In all honesty some sites were gone before the jailbreak. Apple has done an amazing job with their iOS’s look and feel and that’s where ayecon based ayecoon from.

Ayecon for iOS 7 comes with nine new wallpapers that accentuate the look and feel of the theme. Play and Listen song yeh hai meri kahani movie zinda.