The size of the file you are about to download is more than M. The first time you start the application, the General Properties dialog appears. By right-clicking the entry for Backburner Server and choosing Properties, you can set a number of parameters, including the account under which the service logs on, and recovery options. Automatic searching is not recommended, since it makes extensive use of network resources and can be slow. Click OK to exit the Properties dialog.

autodesk backburner linux

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Please send us your comment about this page. Took a little bit to find, but the mac tar. Supported versions 32 or 64 bit: Changing this port number from its default backbunrer is not recommended.

autodesk backburner linux

This is the address that is used by the manager to communicate with the server. If no output appears, or if the output is different from the above, please contact Customer Support. Set up Backburner Server to run as a Window service:. If the service is started, stop it by right-clicking the item and choosing Stop.

Autodesk® Backburner™

Make sure to configure any firewall to allow access to the manager and server ports. Download the appropriate file for your system from Autodesk, unzip the package and run the backburner. Click OK to start the application. Paulo Casa Nova October 10, not having the “no task metadata found” error. Remove the service with backburnsr -r Start the service without rebooting from the Windows Services dialog. Most complex issue that almost mad me cry was that IPv6 protocol has to be deaktivated for each ethernet socket that wants to communicate with the manager.


As far as I know, it cannot handle render layers or complicated instructions, but for me it is a good and simple render farm manager solution.

Restart the Backburner Server so that it picks up the new settings: Bobby Bobbington June 03, Running the Backburner Server as a service changes the location of the backburner. By default it is installed on all Creative Finishing workstations, but you can install it on networked computers if you want to backbunrer some processing.

autodesk backburner linux

You must restart the Backburner Server for your changes to take effect. Andre West August 27, I am using this tool with Backbudner You can also use this option to segment your render farm by specifying the Backburner Manager to which each Render Node connects. I just installed Backburner in order to use with Maya You must create the identical account on all workstations serving as render nodes.

For example, you can enter backburber Manager system’s IP address to avoid any problems or conflicts caused by improper implementation of DNS.


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You create a user account for use by the Backburner Server service using the the Windows Control Panel. Disabling this option reduces Llinux network traffic, and is the recommended option.

Backburner is a queue manager for background processing and distributed backubrner processing. By right-clicking the entry for Backburner Server and choosing Properties, you can set a number of parameters, including the account under which the service logs on, and autkdesk options. Set up Backburner Server to run as a Window service: Start and configure the Backburner Server: Click OK to exit the Properties dialog. Configure Backburner Server as a Windows service with serversvc. Assign the privileged user account to the service so it starts as that user.

This works around the preset 60 minutes timeout, that cuts off longer renders. It is helpful when a render node has more than one network interface card, hence more than one IP address.

To restore the default settings, delete the backburner.