Helped a lot my website to improve the ranking on search engines and most importantly to remove duplicates common in Joomla. Set variables to be excluded from Filter variable values option. Display 10 30 60 Word Edit page Upgrade from installation ZIP package.

artio joomsef

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If they can come with a better plan how I could do my ajax requests, then I’m more than happy to change my code.

Whether the page should be shown with the selected Joomla! If set to No, you shouldn’t use the do not add option in Language integration setting, because there would be no way to determine the jooomsef that should be shown.

There are several ways to achieve this. The Google Analytics tab allows instantaneous access to the most essential usage statistics from your Google Analytics account. Whether to prevent duplicity if the site name is the same as page title and site name is to be added to page title. System – Language Filter plugin needs to be disabled. How can I obtain it to upgrade to the paid version.

ARTIO JoomSEF Paid v – component of search engine optimization for Joomla

Joomsfe The site name will not be used in the page title. Cheers, Daniel Check this box to be notified of replies to this topic. Language related Configuration Options.


artio joomsef

Website Crawler page You can set how the meta tags should be generated for the selected component here. It is the main extension parameters tab where you can set the appearance of the URLs generated for the component. Each language will use its own domain.

artio joomsef

Jjoomsef enabled, both URL versions with and without the trailing slash will work. Then it searches the installed JoomSEF Extensions and tries to use the corresponding extension, so every component you have installed in your Joomla! Only the domain should be set in the field without http: The usage of the SiteMap Manager is easy, but it can be a little confusing for the beginners. If you use multiple languages, you can configure subdomains for each language separately.

Enables the JoomSEF’s language management.

FusionCharts extension is easy to install and use. Changelog Opens the Changelog page with informations about changes in current and previous versions. Use CTRL key to select multiple access levels. Your website’s ID joomser the form of UA Don’t change the Cron Tasks Settings when you have your crontab installed, otherwise the cron tasks will stop being run.


Meta Tags tab 6.

ARTIO JoomSEF Documentation – ARTIO

Helped a artii my website to improve the ranking on search engines and most importantly to remove duplicates common in Joomla. Furthermore, if your JoomSEF is already up to date, there is the Reinstall button instead of the Upgrade button available:. If there is newer version available on the ARTIO Upgrade server, the Upgrade button can be used to directly upgrade your installed extension.

The list of URLs currently linked by the selected word.


Please note that you need to save the configuration first for this option to take effect. For example if you want to display only joomef URLs starting with home you can use the filter reg: JoomSEF tries to choose the best one, but that is not always possible. Opens the Statistics page.