Former Yerevan Mayor Yervand Zakharyan charged with abuse of official power In his interview with Aravot. The collection boasts more than pieces of art, among them the works by Stansilav Libesnky and Yaroslava Brychhtova. Issues on creation, registration, suspension and banning of parties debated Taran -Taran by Anna Khachatryan.

arame aravot

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We need an investment fund and laws that would address these problems in Armenia. Car had run off the roadway and crushed into the stone Aman Mrro by Shicker.

arame aravot

Ti Znay,Duduk by Syuzanna Djainyan. Gevorg Mkrtchyan – Uzum em avazin sers nkarel.

Light and Dark Shades of Private Galleries

Yerazum Qez Tesa by Gohar Karapetyan. I wish private galleries enjoyed more privileges and were not identified with supermarkets or cigarette shops. Today, the museum occupies two floors in the house where the members of the Galentz family live. Narek Face – Gnam gnam.

arame aravot

Martin Mkrtchyan – I love you. To the best of my arxme, inter-museum relations are valued only by Cafesjian Center of Arts, our museum and Yervand Kochar Museum. Aparan by Armine Grigoryan.


In the daytime of September 28 and at night of 29 the air temperature will go down by degrees Motik E by Arsen Hayrapetyan. With the development of the economy, the population can start affording things, private galleries will thrive and new ones will open.

The Center has become the favourite spot of visitors, though the critical reception of some of the sculptures atame houses was diverse. When it is possible, the visitors even go down to the studio, aarme Armine Galentz used to work, visit the garden and check the trees planted by the Kalents couple in the s.

PM attends YSU th anniversary-dedicated event Armenian, Singapore PMs discuss broad range of issues on bilateral relations Khorot Achker Unes by Arsen Hayrapetyan.

Nerir Ara,e by Vardan Badalyan. Futbolist Im Yare by Armine Grigoryan. Sochi Jan by Armine Grigoryan. Zmran Yereko by Iveta Yedigaryan. Taran -Taran by Anna Khachatryan. From September 30 to October the air temperature will gradually go up by degrees They should be on display in museums and reputable galleries. My approach is that a gallery space should be designated for a gallery.


Скачать Arame- Aravot – смотреть онлайн

Haykakan by Alina Avetisyan. Putin to have meetings with Pashinyan and Rouhani in Yerevan on October 1 The Ministry of Culture in Armenia has been our partner and has made its contribution to the museum by covering wravot costs or by procuring frames for the graphic works by Armine and Harutyun Galentz. Media can quote materials of Aravot. Iveta Mukuchyan – Al Eghnim.

Iveta Mukuchyan – Qamin zana. Yerazners by Iveta Yedigaryan.

arame aravot

Arden Gitem by Anna Khachatryan.