I’ve just used a generic Windows machine with Drobo as my disk storage. If the comment mean that OEM versions of the software should still be available then I certainly can’t find them except possibly on Ebay. Improving the question-asking experience. Whilst Essentials is a Domain Controller, you can choose not to have your Clients join the Domain when you install the Connector – undoubtedly more complicated but once set up it works fine. There would still be some risk in trusting someone else to keep my data safe. But I’m not sure that has the flexibility I’d want in managing which files get backed up and which are exluded?

amahi home server deutsch

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Other backup tools often required multiple liscensed copies of their software that would have to be individually managed on each home PC. I’d like to also use it for a UPnP, but I suspect that will be an easy trick.

It made me go back and look closer at the BIOS settings on the mobo and expansion card. You can still find new copies of WHS on e-bay. I’m willing to settle for slightly lowered bells-and-whistles count for that.

amahi home server deutsch

dejtsch A few days ago I was trying to buy a copy of WHS for a customer, but I couldn’t find anyone online that is selling the product anymore in the US. In addition setver having a backup you’d have the added advantage that a local disaster wouldn’t cause you to lose all your data.


Snapshots of Data kam – If you are using anything but the standard music shared directory, you will need to do a little editing of AmahiTunes config files it seems. Here are some alternatives I’ve considered, but some deficiences that make them undesirable.

At that point, I officially began searching for a suitable replacement, and would like to show you what I found.

What’s better Greypool or SnapRAID?

I highly recommend FreeNas. It does have a backup utility built in called rsync. Or simply use another server such as Windows If that worked it would have been a helpful feature to a home user.

Making the sharing of pictures, music, and videos very convenient. It has served me well as a networked storage amaui and streaming media server, as well as providing me with automated nightly back-ups of my Windows systems at least. Something with a GUI, please! I did occasionally run into some issues in which a particular backup seemed to take an abnormally long time to complete, but by leaving the computer on overnight that got around this problem.

amahi home server deutsch

But my feeling is they were a bit ahead of the game. I converted an old mhz machine I had laying around into my home server. But for most people in the US you can’t get an Internet connection with an upload speed greater than 5 Mbps. Can you restore or remote boot from them homd something go wrong?

What’s better Greypool or SnapRAID? – General – openmediavault

I have been using FreeNAS for close to a year now, and has been working fine for me. Improving the question-asking experience. Personally, I use Windows 7 Ultimate, with only 1. Once I got it set up and working, it just, well, ran.


I’m going to have to reexplore sme. The sticking point for purchasing WSE is the price. I would start at the basics and work up from there. What OS are you using and I will try to explain it amahii.

Windows Home Server Discontinued – What Backup Alternatives Do You Recommend?

My main reason for wanting the raid was redundancy my home NAS houses all my Music, Movies and recorded TV shows that are accessible from multiple PCs, xbox, PS3 and anything else that might be able to play the files.

Of course, all that media storage means lots of hard drives, and this is where Microsoft Home Server really excelled. The beauty of the pool is that each drive has a stand-alone file system. That of course does not provide client backup capability for which I still use WHS as it still works with W10 – what I don’t use it for is to provide access to my network from the Internet.

amahi home server deutsch

Using Windows 8 would give home users, for the most part, the familiar Windows look and feel.