Check out all the apps. Monitor disk drive wellness and receive email alerts if errors are detected. Amahi is software that runs on a dedicated PC as a central computer for your home. Usually it’s safe to go with the default suggestion, unless you’ve already assigned the listed address to another server on your network. Once it comes back up, you’ll have a fully functional home server that’s initially accessible via the static IP address you set up previously Not all shutdown types may be supported on your system, or may work correctly.

amahi home server 6.1

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Values given in Watts.

Powerful, Simple, Home Server

Webapp aliases make it much easier to host applications externally on the internet. Here are some of the highlights in this release see the Amahi 6. It handles your entertainment, storage, and computing needs. The Amahi developers recommend implementing it on top of a minimal Fedora Server installation. Page 1 sur 1.

amahi home server 6.1

Productivity Windows OneDrive vs. Hardening Linux for Production Use. Amahi a linux based home server reached version 6 today boasting many new improvements and features.


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Amahi Free Download

Amahi also comes with a free dynamic DNS name that you can use to access your files from anywhere on the yome. Want to add other features? You’ll be asked to enter the gateway address of the network that will host the Amahi server.

Connect your client to the new calendar.

Skip to content Amahi. At this juncture I have to say that I am very disappointed with DE being dropped from Vail and find it hard to see how it will gain much traction in the market without it.

amahi home server 6.1

Poweroff is safest type. By default, Amahi wants to manage your network and hand out IP addresses to all connected machines on your network and resolve websites. By default, Amahi creates a bunch of shared folders books, movies, music, pictures, etc. Permission de ce forum: So, for instance, you may want to add your client PC and your PS3 to the monitored host list.

Since I approached this with zero experience of Linux, I think you can too! This is jome IP address of the wireless or wired router in your home network that provides the network settings for the rest of the network.


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Feel free to partition the disk as you see fit. You forgot about unRAID, another major player in this field. If none of these clients is turned on, the system suspends after a configurable period.

Guides on backup and restore: Secondly, in the Software Selection section you’ll have to toggle the Minimal Install checkbox. Enter a password for the root user and then click Next: You can now start configuring the home server as per your requirements.

Amahi server 6 – le home serveur sous Fedora 14

Just run the msi file found on the download page. Make sure to use individual names for the lock files, so that you don’t accidentally delete the lock file of another application.

amahi home server 6.1

I uploaded the Express CD. Installation is as follows — press the Enter key to install Amahi 6. You can then browse the files there or share them.