We gathered 12 recordings of cities and landscapes and then found producers and bands to remix it. The unlikely start of his musical career happened in a reggae dub band, followed by electronics, culminating in his current project ACUO , with which he also participates in SHAPE. In Prague it had its own FM frequency, so people could listen to it on their radios in stereo. When they get drunk, they start to sing and they are good at it. Julien Bayle is an independent artist based in France. Chlorys is a DJ, visual artist and soon-to-be-cyborg based in Bucharest. Oknai is a Slovenian electronic artist based in Berlin.

acuo urban symphony

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I realised that some people listen to music as a whole, which for me is impossible.

ACUO Urban Symphony by BU2R | BU2R Budweiser Urban Projects | Free Listening on SoundCloud

He has created several site-specific sound installation based on resonant properties of spaces and materials and gave workshops on sonification, field recording, printed circuit board design, and programming for artists.

I have ideas for photography and visual arts, installations.

acuo urban symphony

Chlorys is a DJ, visual artist and soon-to-be-cyborg based in Bucharest. Could you describe the set-up and the specifics of the project? It was very successful.


I was very surprised once when I was driving with my sister in the car, and she was symphonh to some crappy radio stations. By clicking below, you agree that we may process your information in accordance with these terms. Masayoshi first learned how to play the drums, followed by extensive….

ACUO: Listening to the city

This kind of categorisation…. Their critically-acclaimed music has been released on Idiosyncratics, Desire Records and Clan Destine. He tells gripping stories without words, using his mechanical piano. Through listening to Alice…. There are also lot of very good electronic projects. Is ACUO and on-going project? EOD started making music aroundself-releasing online for a while until being picked up by several record labels around Europe Stonedwave,….

Based in the beautiful surroundings of Athens,….

acuo urban symphony

It has six microphones on the roof, and a seventh, very large microphone, a sort of a periscope. Mike Rijnierse is a Dutch artist, performer and educator working in the fields of light, sound and architecture. Russian-born Anastasia Vtorova a. Julien was born in Paris. They have music in their blood, but are shy about it. By clicking below to subscribe, you acknowledge that your information will be transferred to Mailchimp for processing.

Sympnony also has sophisticated legs, and a silver house, which is built in the shape of a star with three peaks. During summer we travelled around the Czech Republic recording all the interesting places. Andi Stecher is an Urbn born and Berlin based drummer, percussionist and electronic musician.


Bu2r: Robotix Gypsy Tour + Acuo Urban Symphony | Tickets to party 13/12/, Praha 5 | GoOut

ACUO is an installation on a square, which looks a bit like a spacecraft that has landed and came to observe the sound and the view of the place. During the second half of the 90s, his releases were clearly rooted…. It is getting better and better each year. Whether through his own grime mutations, or from the ever…. Reduction plays an important role in his music, as does an obsession for detail…. There is a bird. PRISM is a musical and visual creation, a mix of live electro and cine-concert which is spatialised and edited in real time….


Her sets are rhythmic equations of break, Techno, UK music and Noise,…. This website uses cookies for enhancing the user experience and tracking usage statistics.

It is comprised of a matrix of 99….