Back to the car: I’ve found many files that have been changed and one is: Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. But so far I can’t do a copy that reads as an original. Did I miss it somewhere? Please Register or Login to download file].


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Swap the burned disk with the Acura DVD, and you’re good to go.

[Q] How do you update compressed .dll module in winCE .bin?

The following 3 users liked this post by swthomps: I don’t know where the source for cebin is so I don’t think I can update this. Nice, thanks for sharing and welcome to AZ. I’ve already got the dll module patched the way I want it 09toucu2.bin – now I just need to find a way to get it back into the.

Same situation here, although I’m using the Euro versions.


Acura MDX working pretty good so far minus the odd boot splash that says Honda Odyssey and an a Acura symbol suck in the middle. All of the existing tools that are customized for the navigation system hacking seem to be subsets of the windows mobile hacking tools and use some of the same code: But so far 09touc2.bin can’t do a copy that reads as an original.


09touch2 bin download

For f in 09JogSZA. I looked at some of the romtools and wasn’t sure if something like splitrom would help or maybe one of the other tools. Here are some of the tools people have used in the past to hack on these nav systems: Once you have an image you want to use, make sure it is x pixels, or it will not work. It took quite a while but I have finally worked out how to change the Navigation splash screen in.

Custom Splash Screen for White Disk 2012 V4.A2

Does everything prior to this step look right? XDA Feed The best way to get cutting edge news about your device! Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.


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Yep, I had to get nitty-gritty with the windows ce pe format, but I managed to update the business tool to be able to replace compressed modules with updated versions. I could update this to handle lzx compression perhaps – and then this tool would work cebin http: Please Register or Login to download file].


This is my first post, so bear with me The github repo for the updated bysin that will handle the compressed modules is here: 09touc2.bin Deleted Email Thread.


Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android. Repeat the above steps and save the file again, only this time name it “OpeningBase. Turn your key to Acc 1 and open the DVD played cover, wait until the error message appears on the screen.

[Q] How do you update compressed .dll moduleā€¦ | Windows Mobile Development and Hacking

Did you update the navigation files? By RyeBryeMember on 31st January Originally Posted by paperboy Received 4 Likes on 2 Posts. I think patching your hmimanager. First, copy the following files from the Acura V4. Download it from the disc onto the dvd 09toucu2.bin.